Webinar - Post-Consumer Management of EV Batteries: Regulatory Regimes in Canada, the US and The European Union

The rapid electrification of transportation is an essential component of climate change mitigation strategies. However, the growing fleets of EV will eventually translate into large numbers of EV batteries that have reached their end of life. Questions are also being raised about the sustainability of EV battery supply chains, particularly the increased extraction of “critical” minerals.

SEI’s latest study examined the end-of-life EV battery management regimes in Ontario, Quebec, BC, California and the EU. It finds that regulatory frameworks for end-of-life EV batteries are non-existent in North America. In contrast end-of-life EV batteries have been managed under a European Union directive for nearly twenty years. A new, strengthened EU regulation was adopted in June 2023, based on the principle of extended producer responsibility, and materials recovery and recycling.

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