Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada

Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada

Edited by Mark Winfield, Stephen Hill, and James Gaede

Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada is also available as an open access PDF.




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Introduction: Climate Change, Decarbonization, and Energy Sustainability (Mark S. Winfield, Stephen D. Hill, James R. Gaede)

1. Accelerating Low-Carbon Energy Transitions (James Meadowcroft, Daniel Rosenbloom)

2. Modelling Energy Transitions: Exploring Pathways to Decarbonization through Energy Systems Integration (Madeleine McPherson)


3 The Role of Community Energy Planning in Energy Transition Management (Kirby Calvert)

4 Energy Justice and Poverty: A Case Study for Ontario (Theresa McClenaghan, Zee Bhanji, Jacqueline Wilson, Mary Todorow)

5 Decolonizing Sustainable Energy Policy in Canada (Heather Castleden)

6 Energy and Climate Policy Intersections (Douglas C. MacDonald, Mark S. Winfield)

7 Sustainable Energy in Canadian Territorial Communities: An Opportunity for Transformative Change or Stalled on the Margins? (Alexandra Mallett, Jessica Leis, Rosa Brown, David Codzi, Jimmy Arqviq)

8 Megaprojects and Community Power: Managing Tensions and Alignments in Atlantic Canada’s Energy Transition (Brendan Haley, Angela Carter, Michelle Adams, Nicholas Mercer)

9 The Quebec Energy System: How to Optimize Its Low-Carbon Advantage? (Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Johanne Whitmore)

10 Ontario: Transitioning in Reverse? (Stephen D. Hill, Mark S. Winfield, James R. Gaede)

11 Alberta’s Quiet but Resilient Electricity Transition (Benjamin J. Thibault, Tim Weis, Andrew Leach)

12 Subnational Climate Policy Leadership in British Columbia: Past, Present, and Potential Futures (Aaron Pardy, Thomas Budd, Mark Jaccard)

13 Decarbonizing Residential Heating: The Fossil Gas Challenge (Richard Carlson)

14 Transportation, Energy, and Climate Change (Colleen Kaiser, Mark Purdon)

Conclusion: Pathways to Sustainable Energy Transitions (Mark S. Winfield, Stephen D. Hill, James R. Gaede)