The RETScreen Training Institute offers intensive instruction on how to properly assess the viability and performance of clean energy projects using the RETScreen software. Courses are taught by experts from the RETScreen development team. A certificate of completion is awarded to participants following successful completion of each course.

First RETScreen Training Institute Course an Overwhelming Success

The first course in the RETScreen Training Institute, RETScreen 101: Introduction to Clean Energy Project Analysis, was held from 19-21 June at York University.  Delivered in conjunction with York’s Sustainable Energy Initiative, the course drew over 50 enthusiastic participants from around 10 countries.  The instructors were key members of the software development team, including RETScreen’s creator, chief engineer, and project manager.

Alternating between lectures and hands-on case studies, participants in the course received an intensive introduction to the world-renowned RETScreen clean energy project analysis software.  Some of the organizations represented in the course included Alcatel-Lucent, CH2M HILL, Department of National Defence, DuPont, Energy International, Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, HSI, JP Morgan Chase, Nanyang Technological University, New Brunswick Power, and United Technologies.

Pablo Godoy: “Being able to participate in the training of RETScreen has been a great opportunity to learn to evaluate clean energy projects. I am now able to apply this knowledge at the University of Tarapaca in Chile and teach my classmates about the program.”

Priscilla Aguilera: “Because I participated in the training of RETScreen, I learnt how to assess energy efficiency projects and clean energy. Also, I made contact with people from all over the world who are concerned about the environment.”

In addition to the lectures and case studies, participants were treated to an optional tour of sustainable energy facilities in the Toronto area on June 22nd, as well as a percussion band reflecting York’s ethnic diversity, both organized by SEI.  A listing and description of future RETScreen Training Institute can be found here:

The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis software is the world’s leading clean energy decision-making software.  Used by over 340,000 people in every country and territory of the world, taught or used in research at over 400 universities and colleges worldwide, RETScreen has been directly responsible for over $8 billion in savings on transactional costs associated with clean energy projects.