Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency in Ontario - Zoom Webinar

The FES Sustainable Energy Initiative Presents:

Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency in Ontario

Monday April 20th 3-5PM Via Zoom Webinar

Estimates of the technologically and economically achievable potential for energy efficiency improvements in Canada are significant, offering the potential to make significant contributions to meeting Canada’s GHG emission targets.

Despite their benefits, energy efficiency initiatives have struggled to achieve their full technological and economic potential to reduce to energy demand. These failures have been due to a range of market, institutional, financial, policy, regulatory, behavioural and informational barriers.

In recent years, new challenges have emerged beyond these traditional and well-understood obstacles. Changes in policy direction, often flowing from changes in governments, have resulted in significant retrenchments, and in some cases wholesale dismantlings, of energy efficiency strategies in North America. The Government of Ontario’s decision to terminate its “Conservation First” strategy in March 2019 was among the most dramatic of these developments, but far from unique.

York University’s Sustainable Energy Initiative recently released a study of outlining five principles for the design of effective and resilient governance of the energy efficiency components of low-carbon sustainable energy transition strategies. Join SEI Co-Chair Professor Mark Winfield for a webinar discussion of the application of these principles to the current situation in Ontario.

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