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Blockchain as an Enabling Technology for Microgrids and DERS

Blockchain is widely discussed as a potential enabling technology for the development of microgrids and distributed energy resources (DERs). How important is blockchain to the adoption of these technologies? What might a blockchain-enabled DER development path look like for Ontario? Is the role of blockchain in DER development overstated?

Tim Storus , LL.B., ICD.D.
Tim is the instructor for FACC 6885: Blockchain and Crytocurrency. Tim is a non-practicing lawyer with 40 years experience in banking, corporate/commercial and securities law as general counsel, corporate secretary, and chief compliance officer.

Mark Dietrich
Mark is President and Founder, Bloodstone Solutions, advising companies, organizations and governments in building digital infrastructure for research, innovation, and excellence. He is president and CEO, Compute Canada, and former CEO, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.

Mark Winfield, Ph.D.
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative.

The Sustainable Energy Initiative Seminar Series will continue to be offered through York University’s Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI), in collaboration with the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) and funded in large part by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).  These events are designed to bring together FES researchers and partners with networks of politicians, members of the public and private sector, government employees and municipal representatives to discuss research experience and local experience implementing renewable energy projects.  Past speakeras have included Dr. Harry Lehmann (Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy and General Director for the Federal Environmental Agency in Germany), Marion Fraser (President, Fraser & Company),  Bruce Ander (President, Markham District Energy Inc.),  Tom Rand (Cleantech Lead Advisor at MaRS and author of “Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit”), Dr. Ursula Eicker (Professor, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences) at venues such as One King West Hotel, Cisco Toronto Headquarters, Markham Convergence Center, Community Power Conference and more!

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