Welcome to the Sustainable Energy Initiative

The challenges of climate change and the need to support sustainable energy, economies and communities inspired the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (FEUC) to establish the Sustainable Energy Initiative. SEI builds and strengthens research, education and skills for students and professionals in energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy sources and community energy planning. SEI seeks collaboration and partnerships to support analysis of technical, economic, social and political contexts and innovation in sustainable energy and its applications. SEI encourages sustainable, equitable communities in Canada and around the world.

What we do:

  • Provide research and analysis to advance policies, projects and practices that encourage and support a transition to a sustainable energy economy and resilient communities;
  • Support undergraduate and graduate student teaching and research, including the EUC Certificate in Sustainable Energy, to educate and train the new cohort of sustainable energy entrepreneurs, social innovators, policy-makers, and community activists;
  • Build and strengthen partnerships among educational institutions, government agencies, business and industry, and non-governmental organizations through research, knowledge mobilization, and field experiences; and
  • Provide learning opportunities for professionals to enhance their knowledge of leading edge research and practice about sustainable energy solutions.