YorkU's EUC and SEI present 'Corporate Rules and Big Energy'

On May 11, 2022, York University's Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change and the Sustainable Energy Initiative presented 'Corporate Rules and Big Energy', a launch event for EUC Adjunct Professor Bruce Campbell’s new book 'Corporate Rules: The Real World of Business Regulation in Canada' (James Lorimer & Co 2022).

The panel of contributing authors discussed environmental, health and safety regulation of Big Energy in Canada, looking at the cases of federal Climate Change and Energy Policy, the Alberta Oil Industry and the Tar Sands, and Nuclear Energy. SEI Co-Chair and contributing author (Institutionalizing Regulatory Capture as Regulatory Practice) Professor Mark Winfield moderated.

Nuclear Energy Panel Discussion

With the climate crisis as pressing and prevalent as it is today, the debate on nuclear energy finds itself in the spotlight more so than ever before. With the recent COP26 calling for the accelerated phase-out of coal and reaching net zero by the middle of the century, many question whether this would be achievable without nuclear power. In fact, nuclear and wind provided 76% of the energy in Glasgow during the conference. And yet, there are still many who are opposed to nuclear power, let alone the emphasis on nuclear in a bid to replace fossil fuels. Those in opposition, many of whom can attest to lived experiences, reference threats to people, the environment, and the overall safety of the use of nuclear energy.

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