Student interest in sustainable energy has grown dramatically, paralleling the momentum at the regional, provincial and global levels.  SEI aims to connect this interest with relevant and practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

With over 40 years of experience in graduate education, the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (FEUC) has always challenged the status quo.  As Canada’s first faculty of its kind, we focus on interdisciplinary research and teaching.  In examining ourselves and our environments across the globe, we constantly strive to address critical environmental issues and promote social justice.  Our dynamic interests are reflected by the breadth and depth of internationally-recognized research and through the many publications of our faculty.  FEUC Master’s and PhD programs are celebrated for the diversity and flexibility they offer.  These qualities allow you to bring your own interests to the program, while your passions are nourished and encouraged with the guidance of an equally dedicated Faculty.

Bachelor in Environmental and Urban Change

Master in Environmental and Urban Change

Doctorate in Environmental and Urban Change